Organic products can be pricey, from organic milk to organic clothing but why ? Why is it so important that the growing and production methods of organic products need to be better understood and valued ?

In an ever growing fast fashion industry, the demand for faster production of fabrics is on the increase. Do you ever stop and question how and what is being done to the plants that go on to create the fabric your clothes are made from?

Cotton is the primary fabric used to make our clothes. It is grown mainly in India and Texas, both countries have millions of acres of cotton fields, and thousands people working to grow the plants, although very differed methods of farming are used.

Millions of acres might seem a lot, however, as the demand grows, the time in which this cotton has to be grown, gets shorter. As a result the plant has been genetically modified and now a gene is added to the plant to increase its growth.

Great news ! Yes ?

Well no, not really ! These genetically modified plants require herbicides and pesticides. They are bad for the consumers as well as the farmers and the workers that grow the plants too.

You might not notice, that pesticides and the chemicals used in dying the fabrics are still in the fabric when we buy them and wear them. Left over chemicals are known to be irritants to people with sensitive skin, and in some cases they will affect those of us who suffer from eczema and dermatitis.

If you suffer with sensitive skin and are prone to irritation, then you know that is bad enough. You don't want your clothes to make you feel even worse ! You wear clothes to feel good and to look good, not to make you feel itchy and red. Always look for credentials such as the Confidence in Textiles Certification.

At Cream and Co this is one of the main reasons why we strive to use organic fabrics, so both we and our customers are assured our clothing is not only gorgeous. It is also gentle on the skin.

If the chemicals are still there when we buy a product and they have such an effect, what is it like for those who spend their lives working in cotton fields? The effects of these pesticides are much more devastating for them. In Texas, USA, and India, the mass use of these harmful chemicals is not only actually bad for the ecosystems, it has been known to cause cancer in the farmers who work closely with the plants.

Just like an atomic bomb, the effects of the pesticides linger in the person and the air and sadly this has meant that many children, especially in India, are being born with mental and physical defects.

These chemicals also leave an effect on the soil. After a few uses of the chemicals, the soil doesn’t function as well as it did the first time. This leads to greater usage each time, and the chemicals stay in the soil affecting many other living things that reside in those areas.

For the Chemical companies it is a win-win situation as some companies also produce the medicines used to treat the illnesses the pesticides cause.

In India, because farmers are forced to continue using pesticides they may get into debt., The Pesticide companies seize their land, take away the farmer's livelihood and this results in a huge number of suicides.

With this knowledge Cream and Co endeavour to produce and sell organically sourced and fair trade garments. Those of you who choose to wear our clothing can do so knowing you will be comfortable with a lower chance of skin irritations and allergies, as well as the knowledge the fabrics used have not caused harm to our earth or to the farmers and workers that produce our materials, and that there are no harmful chemicals involved in the manufacturing process.

Organic is the best way, and the healthiest way, and is just as nature intended.