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  • luxurious bamboo pillow cases
  • luxurious bamboo pillow cases

Luxurious Bamboo Pillow Cases in Natural White


Luxury Bamboo Pillow Cases in Natural White.

Available in traditional "House Wife" and "Oxford" designs in two sizes.

Standard ( 49cm x 74cm ) and King Size ( 49cm x 91cm ) are available.

This Beautiful bedding is created from a special weave giving it an incomparable softness. It feels like silk and is softer than cotton and holds all the key health benefits of Bamboo.

Highly Dustmite resistant, great for people suffering from allergies.

For people who overheat while sleeping, our wonderful fabric takes away the moisture.

So sumptuously, silky, soft you really won't want to get out of bed in the mornings !

Health facts

100% Bamboo fabric is made from the cellulose found within bamboo grass stems.
The fabric feels like silky cotton. It is amazingly soft and comfortable.
Higher absorbency than cotton and fast wicking. Often called "the cooling fabric".
Hypo-allergenic - Bedding stays fresher for longer. No host for house mites and their allergens.
Soothingly smooth against sensitive skin.

Eco Facts

Grown organically without the use of herbicides or pesticides, bamboo grass has natural immunity to pests and diseases
Bamboo uses only natural rainfall, it is fast growing and produces high levels of O2
Clumping roots prevent soil erosion. Up to three harvests per year
Bamboo fibre is produced in an "eco,closed loop" manufacturing process
Easily recyclable and 100% sustainable.

Made in Great Britain

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Luxurious Organic Bamboo Pillow Case in Natural White - House Wife - 49cm x 74cm
Luxurious Organic Bamboo Pillow Case in Natural White - Oxford - 49cm x 74cm
Luxurious Organic Bamboo Pillow Case in Natural White - King Size - Oxford - 49cm x 91cm