About Organic Clothing

Organic ClothingOrganic Clothing is made from materials that have a low impact on the environment.

The principle behind organic farming is “working with, not against” and third-party certification organisations verify that organic producers use only methods and materials allowed in organic production.

Bamboo and Organic Cotton are produced without the use of fertilizers and pesticides so they are free from chemicals or genetically modified seeds. It is then processed with minimal usage of chemicals.

This makes organic safer for consumers, the farmers and who grow the materials, the workers who make the fabrics and clothing, and the natural environment.

Conventional cotton production can have disasterous impact on the environment. This is well documented and You Tube and the like have some facinating film illustrating this. (See White Gold).

Organic Cotton is pure, natural and more breathable for delicate skin. Clothing made from Organic Cotton tends to be cooler and more comfortable to wear. 

Pesticide and chemically treated clothing, nappies and bedding can block the natural balance of the skin by trapping heat and preventing it from ‘breathing’.

This often results in rashes and eczema on sensitive babies’ skin.

Organic Cotton is also softer, thicker and sturdier than the thinner conventional cotton, making it more durable over time.  

Bamboo clothing has many qualities to make it healthier for the environment - About Bamboo Clothing.

Enjoy feeling good and protecting our planet for future generations.