About Ethical Clothing

Ethical ClothingClothes that are termed Ethical Clothing have been sourced from suppliers that work to reduce poverty, and create sustainable livelihoods for the garment workers.

They also aim to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

The fashion industry remains one of the most exploitative in the world, both to people and the environment. Inhumane working conditions, poverty wages and shocking environmental damage are widespread. We can all help to reduce this by buying products where the provenance is known and we can feel proud to acknowledge this.

Cream & Co are members of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) who are a network of individuals, businesses and organisations focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. We use manufacturers and suppliers who are certified by SKAL (Dutch) a non profit world renowned organisation that certifies organic and ethical production along side the Soil Association and many others.

Rest assured that the Organic and Bamboo Clothing sold by Cream & Co is ethically sourced and by purchasing ethical products you are helping to support the livelihoods of garment workers in this field.