About Bamboo Clothing

At Cream & Co we use only fabrics that are produced from fibres whose growth and production is kind to the environment, kind to those who work with them and kind to those who wear them. The fabrics must have high durability, be comfortable to wear and look terrific.

Our bamboo range is made from bamboo viscose with a small percentage of elastane so it stretches and retains its shape while still having all the benefits of bamboo. It's a super soft fabric which drapes beautifully and feels wonderful.


Bamboo Clothing

 Benefits of bamboo fabric to you:


  • Highly breathable - great for travelling and sportswear, especially suitable for women experiencing hormonal and menopausal symptoms.
  • Absorbent - 4 times more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo has a natural moisture wicking agent which takes moisture away from the body. This evaporates instantly.
  • Naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal - the bamboo plant has natural antibacterial properties which kill and prevent the spread of bacteria. This is maintained throughout the process of turning the plant into fabric and it is proven there is no drop off in antibacterial properties after extensive wash tests. Bamboo stays fresher for longer is more hygienic and healthy than other fabrics.
  • Hypo-allergenic - ideal for people with allergies, skin sensitivity and for sufferers of dermatitis.
  • Temperature regulating - bamboo can keep you cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold.
  • Antistatic - will not cling like synthetic jersey fabrics.


Benefits of using bamboo to your world:


  • Environmentally kind and sustainable
  • One of the fastest growing plants in the world and can grow several feet in a day. Production of bamboo is completely sustainable.
  • Requires very little water to grow, unlike cotton.
  • Grows without fertilisers and pesticides.
  • Bamboo is harvested by cutting rather than up rooted. This helps with soil stability.
  • Bamboo forests offer greater greenhouse gas conversion to oxygen than other crops.


We love bamboo:

Finally, we use manufacturers and suppliers who are certified by SKAL. ( A non profit, world renowned organisation, that certifies organic and sustainable textile production.) We also use UK suppliers who we can visit regularly. Our bamboo suppliers carry the Oeko-Tex standard certification or OCIA.

We just wish you could feel our fabrics – just one touch and you'll know you've made the right choice. Try it on, look in the mirror, feel the weight and the way it falls, you'll be delighted with what you see – it's flattering and stylish, feminine and elegant.

Our clothing collection is available in a natural palette, and fabulous colours, dyed with non toxic dyes and has been especially designed to be free of fashion fads. Each garment is gloriously timeless, ageless and retains it's original shape, so it will always look great and feel comfortable. You'll want to wear pieces again and again and we know they will become cherished items in your wardrobe.

Like you, we care about the future of our world and want to play our part in making it greener, fairer and healthier place.